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There's a Fungus is Among US and has been since the beginning of time
In the Old Testament, Leviticus 14:35-48 describes the concern and prescribes abatement of microbial growth within ancient dwellings. Leviticus 14:37 states "And he shall look on the plague, and, behold, if the plague be in the walls of the house with hollow strakes, greenish or reddish, which in sight are lower than the wall".

The professionals at Oasis Environmental are ready to assist you and your firm with all Indoor Air Quality concerns, from assessment to abatement. Our trained staff travels throughout New England assisting residential and commercial property owners in the delineation, speciation, and quantification of bio-aerosols (MOLD) as well as the fungal by-products, namely Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOC), that are often the cause of unpleasant odors.

The Problem: Mold and mold spores have been on earth since biblical times. The members of this Kingdom known as "Fungi" have one purpose, and that is to break down organic (carbon-based) material. In the process, mold can aggravate health problems such as allergies or more serious health concerns. Simply stated, mold spores are present throughout our New England environment. The spores become a problem when they are allowed to flourish within our homes and businesses. Generally, mold grows (or amplifies) when the conditions exist to support growth such as moisture, high relative humidity, or both. Today's energy efficient buildings tend to limit the escape of moisture, and some of the building materials such as gypsum board (sheetrock) provide a highly digestible food source for mold. Before you know it, mold can take a foothold.

To add to the problem, no recognized agency, such as EPA, CDC, or other, can tell us what is a safe or acceptable level of Mold. However, the American Testing Standard Material Organization is in the process of adding Mold Inspections to the Environmental Site Assessment (non-scope) protocol. With the current level of mold related litigation in the courts, it will not be long before mold inspection and possible disclosure language starts appearing in real estate agreements and disclosure forms.

The Solution: Utilize the services of Oasis Environmental, a qualified Indoor Air Quality Consultant, to conduct Mold Inspections and Moisture Surveys on the property to determine if mold is an issue. Oasis personnel have conducted hundreds of inspections utilizing state of the art equipment and procedures to evaluate building environments. With over twenty-nine years of environmental experience, we turn guesswork into tangible data, which can be used to assist buyers and sellers in making sensible decisions.

Our Exemplum and Exemplum Plus programs offer comprehensive residential evaluations while providing the flexibility many homeowners desire. Our Sanctus program provides our Commercial clientele with a wide array of available test protocols and procedures to thoroughly evaluate indoor air quality.

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