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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) puts out news releases almost daily. Environmental Health and Safety training is low cost compared to the high cost of penalties such as those listed below.

OSHA News Release
2005 - 05/11/2005 - Unsafe Response to Chemical Spill Results in $171,000 Fine for Milwaukee Business

2005 - 05/17/2005 - OSHA Fines Franklin, N.H., Contractor for Cave-In Hazards at Concord Worksite

2005 - 03/04/2005 - OSHA Fines Flooring Contractor $70,000 Following Fire that Killed Two Workers at a Somerville, Mass., Worksite

For FY 2006, OSHA's $464 million budget has been increased by $2.8 million, which breaks down to $1 million focused on compliance and $1 million focused on improvement of data analysis and performance measurement capabilities. The balance is for grant programs for training.

Oasis provides the following:
Site-specific Health and Safety Plans

Mold Awareness Class in Woburn, MA

Health and Safety Plans
On-site Health and Safety Monitoring - "Real Time"
Ambient Air
Confined Space
Soil and water: State-of-the-Art field screening
State Certified Laboratory Analytical
Building Materials
Waste Characterization
OSHA training that is customized for small and large groups
Awareness training {all topics}
Blood borne pathogens
OSHA - 40 hour and 8 hour refreshers
Hazardous Communication
Specialized Instrument Training
Sampling and Site Reconnaissance

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